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About Us

I'm Kelley, that's my husband Rion, and our girl, Fin! Not pictured are our fur babies: Colby and Izzy!

There was no major moment that either of us could point to in our lives that made us cherish the outdoors. It was just every step that took us off pavement and onto dirt, every breath of air soaked in pine, and every time we were tempted not to turn back. With each trip outside, we realized that going out was really going in. 

That is what has spurred our desire to create wild spaces. It's in our blood to love nature. We were created to enjoy it. And the more separation we have between us and creation, the more we will feel its absence in our lives. It's a drain on our system. We know it's not realistic to be outside all the time, so we want our time indoors to reflect our favorite moments outdoors.

Our goal here is to create and curate the best nature-inspired home goods, because we believe a wild home is a happy home.