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husband and wife camping
Freedom and the outdoors. It's what drives us. At a relatively early age both of us learned that we are not guaranteed time in this life. Although it might sound cliche, our hearts burst with the knowledge that every day we experience is a gift. And that 9-5's (which have now become 8-6's) make our breath stop short and our chests tighten. When I had my (Kelley) first "adult" job interview, everything in my being raised its voice unequivocally with a "HELL NO." I just didn't have it in me. It felt like I was leasing out my entire life for a paycheck in order to survive. It didn't feel right. I knew that a conventional job felt like death, but I didn't know what was next. 

What I did know was what gave me joy: the outdoors. There has never been a time where stepping out on the trail hasn't lifted my spirits (trail running with my dog was literally my therapy after my dad died). In the same way that a conventional job makes my heart say "hell no," being in the outdoors makes me want to scream "HELL YES." With that in mind, Rion and I wanted to create a business that promoted our own freedom while inspiring others to enjoy their freedom outdoors. After a lot of prayer, we were lead to Wandering Bison. We wanted to use one of our strongest senses, our sense of smell, to remind people of their experiences outdoors. But we didn't want to stop there. Not only did we want to conjure old memories, we wanted to inspire people to get outside and create new ones. 

We believe that nature is necessary to the human existence. We believe in long trails and dirty dogs. We believe in sleeping in the back of your car at a trailhead because you just can't wait to get started in the morning. We believe that human passion is an incredible force and we want to get people crazy passionate about the outdoors.

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Kelley, Rion, Colby + Izzy 

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