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What Happens When You're Addicted to Busy

What Happens When You're Addicted to Busy

by Kelley Spurlock 1 Comment

It's so easy. A frictionless slide into an overworked mind. When there's always an easy escape from silence, we rarely choose to be still. Why is that?

Why is it easier to say yes to scrolling Facebook over and over again for an hour, than it is to say yes to just being with ourselves for 5 minutes? I refuse to believe that we're simply that boring. After all, we are the brilliantly creative minds that made all of this constant chaos in the first place. No, I know we were made to be passionate, creative, daring people. We were given life, and we're meant to be so full of it that it completely exudes from us. Don't get me wrong - we all certainly catch glimpses of it. But you know, deep down to your soul, that you want to experience more life. 
living slowly
So what happened? Our addiction to busy-ness happened. Our idea that we should be doing more, that if we have a calm moment we're being lazy. That more hustle is the answer. Now, this isn't to say I'm against hard work, because I absolutely am not. What I have a problem with (and what I'm guilty of 1000 times over) is when that "work" validates who we are - when our identities come from how full our days are and how busy we claim to be. 

I believe that when this happens, when we become addicted to busy, life starts to get sucked from us. It's a slow game. It's tricky. Because at first it feels life giving - it feels like the greatest thing in the world. But like any addiction, it leaves us feeling hollow and always wanting more. We start to realize, at the end of the day, that we feel busy and stressed out, but we can't think of a damn thing we actually accomplished. Busy becomes a facade we can hide behind. It steals all the things that makes this life wonderful - joys, passions, relationships. 

But today I pledge to be more mindful, to realize that my identity never was and never will be rooted in how busy or successful I am. I pledge to cuddle my dogs more, and have more lazy mornings with Rion. I pledge to sit - just sit - and let my mind be. I pledge to be outside and disconnect in nature more. It's just what my soul needs. And I pledge to read a book, light my candle, and burn a little more slowly. 

Who's with me?

Kelley Spurlock
Kelley Spurlock


1 Response

Vera Watkins
Vera Watkins

August 09, 2017

I love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ your article. This should become a millennial revolution because I believe it is time for us all to recognize what the true values in life are!!!

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