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Skipping Cyber Monday and On to Giving Tuesday

Skipping Cyber Monday and On to Giving Tuesday

by Kelley Spurlock

Giving Tuesday to National Park FoundationI've worked in retail before... specifically at a clothing store who will go unnamed (hint: they have a G and an A and a P in their name). As a result, I hate Black Friday. And, honestly, this isn't a stuck up "I would never be seen in a mall ever but especially not on Black Friday" kind of thing. No I don't like malls to begin with, but not on principal. It's because I walk into stores, get blasted with florescent lights, bombarded with loud music, and there are too many pretty things everywhere. Sensory overload. I get a headache. It's really not a choice; it must be in my biology because it happens to my mom too. If you want to make us tired and cranky really fast, take us shopping. 

But hey, back to the point of this blog: I'm not a fan of Black Friday unless it's to support REI's Opt Outside movement (did you see all of their dog pictures this year???). So now that I've found myself starting a business that could actually profit from Black Friday, I had some thinking to do. No, I don't want to support Black Friday, but I do want to give you guys a little more bang for your buck during this time. 

So instead of joining in on the Black Friday chaos, I've decided to hitch my wagon to Giving Tuesday. But wait Kelley, you're not a non-profit, nor do you do anything but make our lives smell good and bring back awesome outdoor memories. Yes, I know. And as great as that is, Wandering Bison isn't the typical Giving Tuesday outlet. 

But, give me a second here: I figured we could both do something worthwhile this Tuesday. You guys could get your awesome smelling candles AND donate to the National Park Foundation. WIN-WIN folks. 

This Tuesday I'll be donating 10% of all sales to the National Park Foundation, so that we can all continue our adventures outdoors for many years to come. 

Hell yes. 

Kelley Spurlock
Kelley Spurlock


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